Florida Fat Loss: 8 Effective Ways to Encourage Long-Term Fat Loss

Florida Fat Loss: 8 Effective Ways to Encourage Long-Term Fat Loss

Weight loss is a beautiful journey of self-love and self-care where you realize your worth and give your best to keep yourself fit. For most people, weight loss is a journey that helps them move away from an unhealthy lifestyle. In this journey, they learn to respect their body and do everything that they can to keep their bodies fit.

Have you tried a fat loss plan yourself? If so, you must have noticed that the quick weight loss programs might help you lose pounds in a week, but it is not sustainable. You cannot keep maintaining such a strict diet for very long.  Even the most disciplined people give into cravings from time to time.  A different approach is needed.

Here are some of the most effective ways to encourage long-term fat loss –

1. Strength Training System Works.

Review research on 58 studies shows that you can reduce 1.46% of your body fat by doing strength training for four weeks. Strength training is a great workout to lose weight.

Strength training is one of the best ways to lose fat healthily. It also helps you to lose belly fat effectively. Your body is built in a way that it can burn muscle fats faster than your metabolism can burn your fats. Your gym instructor might tell you to do a lot of aerobic exercises to burn fats. You can do that to burn a lot of calories, but that will not help your body improve its metabolism.

To improve your body’s metabolism, you must practice strength training every day. You do not necessarily have to go to the gym every single day. Rather, get a few weight training instruments like hand weights and kettlebells at your home and exercise to lose belly fat regularly.  By growing muscles, the amount of calories your body requires each day will increase, leading to a faster metabolism and a healthier lifestyle.

2. Start High Protein Diets.

Another way to increase fat burning in your body is by indulging yourself in a protein-rich diet. It has been scientifically proven that a high protein diet is the best diet to lose weight. You can easily fight obesity and other risks that come with body fat. It will help you keep you build your body mass while reducing your body fat efficiently. So, try including protein-rich foods like –

●       Tofu

●       Chicken

●       Yogurt

●       Cheese

●       Eggs

●       Seafood

Include such foods in your diet today to get the best fat loss results. You can also contact our team to get some effective meal plans for weight loss.

Meal Plans for Weight Loss

3. Get 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Getting enough sleep increases your metabolism. It has been scientifically proven that when you are sleeping, your body’s metabolism becomes very active. So, the more you sleep, the better your body’s metabolism gets. And what happens if you do not get enough sleep?

Lack of sleep can trigger two important hormones in your body – ghrelin, and leptin. These two hormones are associated with maintaining hunger and satiety levels in your body. Lack of sleep can increase ghrelin levels and decrease leptin levels in your body, increasing cravings in your body. As a result of it, you end up consuming a lot of unhealthy, sugary food.

4. Start Eating Healthy Fats.

If you are looking for meal plans for weight loss, you must focus on including healthy fats in your diet. Healthy fats do not mean trans fat that can be found in processed foods. Trans fat can lead to weight gain, but healthy fats will help you prevent weight gain. Such healthy fats include –

●       nuts

●       olive oil

●       avocados

●       seeds

●       coconut oils

Stop consuming fried foods, refined or processed food that claim to be fats; instead, start consuming healthy fats. Olive oil is also known to reduce belly fat effectively. So, include healthy fats in your diet today! It will help you control your cravings.

5. Keep Your Thyroids Under Check.

You might be doing everything that you can to lose weight yet not get any effective results because of your thyroids. The thyroid is a hormone that is associated with regulating your body’s metabolism. So, if you have an underlying active thyroid issue, losing body weight can be very difficult. Look for symptoms like –

●       hair loss

●       lethargy

●       lack of blood circulation in hands and feet

●       feeling cold

●       stubborn fat

If you have any of these symptoms, contact Florida Fat Loss today. Understanding the issue and taking proper treatment can help you lose weight while maintaining the condition of your thyroids.

6. Avoid Drinking Sweetened Beverages.

If you keep drinking sweetened beverages like soda all the time, you cannot lose weight. Furthermore, drinking alcohol will also not help your body to lose weight. Instead, try substituting your sweetened drinks with unsweetened beverages like –

●       green tea

●       black coffee

●       chamomile tea

●       lots and lots of water

Whenever you feel hungry, it might be because of the lack of water content in your body. Drinking water will help in maintaining a balance in your body and limit your cravings as well.

Fat Loss Beverage

7. Include Fiber in Your Diet.

Another way to reduce fat in your body is by including a fiber-rich diet in your weight loss plan. Fiber-rich food consumes a lot of water and takes a lot of time to digest. Consuming such food items will make you feel fuller for a long time and control your craving. You will not feel hungry very often once you start including fiber in your diet. Food items that contain fiber are –

●       nuts

●       whole grains

●       legumes

●       vegetables

So, to boost your weight loss journey, including fiber in your diet.

8. Medical Weight Loss Program

Lastly, if nothing is helping you to lose weight, you can also try fat loss medication. However, our weight loss programs are much healthier fat loss options. Here, our doctor checks your body and runs some tests to find out the underlying health issues. Then, they can recommend the best diet to lose weight that will suit your body type, exercises that will work for your body, and also suggest you some safe weight loss medications.


The best way to lose fat and stay fit is by incorporating healthy habits and meal plans for weight loss that will help you in the long term. Avoid crash diets; rather, try to make your weight loss journey a sustainable lifestyle choice. Remember, slow and steady wins the game. So, aim for a realistic long-term fat loss plan. And if nothing is working for you, visit Florida Fat Loss today!

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