How it Works

These 3 Easy Steps Can Change Everything

Why It Works

Our Simple Yet Effective Program Relies On These Scientifically-backed Protocols


Proper Nutrition

We work with you to design a meal plan you can live with. No starvation. No hunger. No prepackaged food. Our food protocol formula includes lean proteins, specific vegetables and fruits. Everything can be found at your grocery store and we’ll teach you how to shop and to prepare your food in a nourishing way.


Natural Supplements

Nutraceuticals are proprietary blend supplements derived from natural sources such as amino acids, vitamins and peptides that can provide additional health benefits. We use these supplements to help your body restart your metabolism and get you back on track to achieve your weight loss goals.


Reduce Inflammation

Healthy sustainable weight loss is not about calories in vs. calories out. The key to a healthy metabolism is to keep inflammation low and to allow cells to “hear” hormones that your body naturally produces, which direct and regulate your metabolism.


Coaching & Support

Having a coach and a healthy support system is key to making permanent and sustainable changes. Our professional team will meet with you regularly to help encourage, support, and educate you on your weight loss journey.

Take Back Your Life

Lose Weight And Avoid Health Problems

0% Of adults were obese in the US. Over 2/3 of adults are overweight.
0Million Americans Diagnosed With Diabetes Each Year.
$0Billion Spent in direct and indirect preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services related to weight.
0k Deaths per year in the US. Obesity also increases the risk of developing a number of chronic diseases.
Real People, Real Results

Success Stories

Brian Grimes from 106.7 WXXL!

More energy and reached his goals!

I have worked with a few programs over the years, but to be honest, they were either gimmicky or just too strict for me to really stick to. I mean, we want to lose weight, but we are people and we can’t and usually won’t, stick to something that makes us unhappy.

A few months ago I met with Florida Fat Loss. When the Salesperson here at the station asked me, I was upfront… I said “I have tried clients in the past… If it’s not something I can do, then I won’t do it just to say it on the radio…” She was totally understanding, so I took the meeting. I met with the Director of Patient Care, Cesar, and the meeting was great. It wasn’t a pitch for the program, more of a get to know me and my lifestyle, to understand why I need to lose the weight and what might be in the way of that. After our conversation, he explained the program, which did sound way too easy, and I got started.

I am lucky, I don’t need to lose a lot of weight. I was shooting for 18-20 pounds. And after the program, I made it! Full transparency… I would be there earlier if it weren’t for some of my cheat days… But that’s another thing I love about FL Fat Loss… They understand that will happen, and that’s what has allowed me to cheat and get back on track! It’s more than the weight for me too. I feel great… I have more energy… cutting out some of the foods that I was eating daily has stopped the afternoon crash I used to have everyday. It’s been great!

James P.

Lost 38 lbs and 4 inches

In just a few short months, James has seen significat results. His body is now functioning properly to process the foods he eats.All this without changing much at all in his day to day. Our program helps him adjust his body’s metabolic rate so that he can lose weight and successfully maintain it



Lisa C.

Lost 26 Ibs and 7 inches

As a busy mom raising two small kids, struggled to find a workout schedule to fit her busy life. She constantly sacrificed eating nutrional foods for what was “fast and easy.” Fad Diets were replace by another fad diet with little results. After resetting her metabolism results came while not really even working out. Leaving more time to balance and ultimately embark on a new lifestyle of good health her family enjoys as well.

Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our program unique is that we focus on your body’s metabolism and help you create healthy habits for a lifetime based on science and the temporary use of natural, proprietary nutraceuticals to put YOU back in the driver’s seat on the road to good health.  Our goal is not just to help you just lose stubborn fat but to help you reclaim your well-being by creating a healthy environment in your body for your cells to thrive and “hear” the hormones in your body more naturally.

We teach you How, When and what “real” food to eat without the need for counting calories or points and no shakes or meal replacements. It’s real food you actually like! In addition, we use specific and proprietary nutraceuticals over a short period of time to assist the body in resetting and helping adjust your metabolism. We pair this with ongoing Coaching to increase accountability and help you create long lasting change.

We certainly like to do our free consultations in person so we can better assess your health and get to know you a little better. Due to circumstances in the economy recently, if you live more than an hour from an office or are more comfortable doing a virtual consultation, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Fortunately, no! We have developed a platform that allows you to successfully complete the program from the comfort of your home. Our Health Coaches are available to you for your check ins via the app to support and guide you through the individual program designed for you.

Due to the individual nature of the program that may be offered to you based on you, your health, and ultimate goals, our pricing structure will vary depending on multiple factors like the length of the program and how many individual consultations you’re looking for. That’s why our first consultation is a no-obligation FREE consultation where we can discuss the best fit for you!

And we do currently offer a 0% financing option for 12 months if you qualify!

No, we don’t use medications or exogenous hormones such as HCG or GLP-1 due to their potential for harmful side effects. We use safe, natural products to predictably help people to reset their metabolism.

NO, absolutely not!  We want to create habits that last a lifetime, so we teach you how easy it is to be successful while on the program and AFTER you have completed your program.

Even though there are many benefits to exercising for our health, we have found that most clients get better results without (or with minimal) exercise while on our program.

No – as long as you’re over 18 you can participate in our program. Currently our oldest client to date is 90 years of age!

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